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My morning off

I think every mum can relate to the difficulties we face in getting out of the house and having some ‘ mum time ‘ I had my first ‘ child free’ morning since having Arthur last week.   Even though it was a brilliant morning it didn’t come without its stresses! I woke up on Friday to find my six year old daughter in my bed. When I asked her why, the poor mite told me she had been sick during the night. I  went into her room to asses the situation. Yep, she had been sick, from the top of her cabin bed.  There was puke all over the floor and up the side of the bed. Can you imagine the total carnage I was faced with!? To make matters worse she had eaten strawberries and raspberries before bed 🙈 So, at 7.30am I was on my knees,  scrubbing the carpet with Vanish power foam (a mothers best friend FYI!) After I had cleaned the worst of it I started getting ready.  Typically, I was suffering a bad hair day on my first non-pregant day off. A morning with No toddler hanging off my leg or baby off my boob. I managed to make the best of a bad situation and scraped it back with a grip. I made the bottles,  got the babies dressed and put everything Mike might need from nappies to Calpol in a box next to the sofa. I dropped the boys to school and I was OUT! After breakfast, a yummy cocktail,  and a mooch around London Bridge with the girls, I was back to school for the 3pm pick up. By 4pm I was home, Arthur was back on my boob and I was attempting to make cakes with Libby. All in a day of a mum. Mike had a day out last week.  His day was a little different. He got up, got dressed…..and went out!😒

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