Fighting the mummy lbs

I had just managed to go from a size 16/18 to a size 14 before a big holiday we had booked to California.

I had spend 2 months on the Atkins diet and was ready for my brothers graduation in Florida followed by San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas.

I had felt a bit ropey on the last leg of the holiday and on touch down in Gatwick the first thing I picked up was a pregnancy test……. POSITIVE.

Pregnant with twins!!!

After the boys were born I ballooned.
When I went shopping for an outfit for their christening and the trousers I bought were a size 20.

My new wardrobe was leggings and baggy jumpers for the next 4 years!


When Libby was two I decided to do something about.
My friend Rosie and I decided to join the local slimming world.
That changed my life.

Slimming world is not about starving yourself or living on salad,  it is about choices.
I started the diet in April at 13 St 12lbs and a size 16/18.
By August I was 10st 4lbs and a size 10.

I could shop in any shop and buy bikinis!  It felt amazing!

I cut out all the usual syns on a daily basis.
No chocolate, sweets, Crisps, cakes and pastries and on the day I weighed in,  I would allow myself to eat whatever I wanted.
I usually had a tapas or take away that night.

I substite oils with frylight and I don’t have butter (horrible to start with but easy to get used to).
Alcohol can be an issue, but I don’t deprive myself.
I still have wine if I’m out for diner or if I really fancy a glass in the evening but I try to stick to bacardi and diet coke or gin and slimline tonic.

I have never felt like I was on a diet.
My skin felt better and I had so much more energy.

When I go out for diner I don’t even consider anything with ‘cream’ in the description.
I stick to Grilled meats or steaks,  salads and tomato based pasta.

I had convinced myself after having Libby I would never get rid of my ‘ baby pouch ‘ but by that August it was gone!


Apart from improving my general health it also benifited my pregnancy with George.

You always hear doctors say you should be a sensible weight when you try for a baby (to which I would sigh and roll my eyes during my previous three pregnancies).
However, from experience I would say this is definatly true.
My whole pregnancy felt different with George.
At full term with him I still didn’t weigh as much as my biggest when I wasnt carrying a baby.

I had more energy during the pregnancy, the birth was easier (could be something to do with being baby number 5!) and I had less aches and pains.
I also feel like I was back on my feet alot quicker.

I  was left with an extra stone after having George and now have 5lbs to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight.

Aswell as sticking to slimming world,  a couple of other tips have really contributed to my weight lose since having George.

I try to avoid eating dinner after 7pm and I have swapped my cappuccinos and lattes for black coffee.

Everyone is different,  I have friends who look fantastic from working out in the gym.
There is only one form of excersize I like to get hot and sweaty for and it certainly doesn’t include a treadmill or weights.

I joined a gym recently, just to tone up for my upcoming holiday but I can’t see it lasting.
I already find every excuse I can not to go.

Guess I’ll just have to live with the bingo wings 😜


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