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Dare I open the prosecco?

Is it Thursday already? After five days of cleaning up vomit, bleaching toilets,  constantly loading and unloading my washing machine and remembering which kid I’m calling the school about…. I bloody need a glass…  No bottle….no bottles of prosecco! So far, five out of the seven of us have had it. I’m waiting with baited breath,  watching Charlie and Harri’s every move,  any sign of tummy cramps and I’ll be there with a bucket! (my carpet is only 6 months old!!) Vanish gold has been a god send at getting all the stains and vom or of the clothes and bed sheets. It’s been 48 hours since Mikey, S&D latest victim has been sick so I’m hoping we are in the clear. I thought I would be a really responsible mum and get the boys to do a bit of homework from bed but snuggling next to them watching Big Hero 6 was much more appealing.

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