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Living in the crazy house

DSC_3965Since announcing our pregnancy with baby number five last February the looks of bewilderment have become even more common. ‘you are crazy!’ ‘how do you cope?’ is what I hear most frequently. They have a point! Five children by the age of 34 is madness. But it is also so much fun!!! I started this blog to share our lives and experiences. The days that make me feel like the strongest women in the world and the days that make me reach for the wine and wonder why I ever gave up smoking. Living on a farm makes being a mum to twin boys, Mikey and Harri, Charlie, Libby and George even more interesting. I might be a mum of five beautiful children, a wife to a wonderful man and busy keeping a busy household functioning but I always try to make time for me!! I’m not ready to become a frumpy mum, shit, I don’t plan on being a frumpy grandma!!!

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