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Burning my bra! 

I always try to keep my blog posts light hearted but as I am lucky enough to have this platform I am going to use it to rant today. This isn’t to lecture or cause controversy.   This is just me,  unleashing my anger that has consumed me for the past 24 hours. I haven’t seen any of my girlfriends in that time to unleash my rage on so I’m afraid you, as my friends and blog viewers are going to get it full blast. Yesterday a post popped up on my newsfeed, it said ; ‘PETITION….1.6 million people signed to stop a man coming into the country, how many will sign to save the most innocent and defenseless in our society…’ It was a petition to withdraw Abortion from NHS funding. Now I’m not a hardcore feminist, I have always believed in equal rights, but im not someone who gets offended by a builder Wolf whistling or a fella saying ‘ cheers love ‘ and I like a man to open the door for me and offering to buy me a drink. But….this post has turned me into a full blown, bra burning women’s right advocate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion,  that is what is amazing about living in a free, democratic society,  but when an opinion or view is imposed on me,  or more importantly my children and future generations every part of my maternal protection kicks in. This petition has been started by a man and encouraged by men it appears. Of the 320 comments that followed this post to date, every pro life comment was from a man. Pro-life – I have a bit of an issue with this term.  I am pro life,  I’m certainly not anti-life.  I certainly am pro choice, not anti-choice which I think is a more appropriate term. I think Pro-life is a term someone gave to give the argument more moral weight. Some of the comments included : _________ ‘The NHS is taxpayer funded which means that as a taxpayer I am required to fund abortions. I believe abortion is murder and while I understand using that word is evocative that is my belief. There are many others who share my views so it seems unreasonable to expect us to fund what we believe to be murder” “1) around 1% of abortion cases involve rape but even then does having a rapist as a parent invalidate someone’s life 2) for 1% of cases our Public Health Service should allow the 99% deaths” “this is muder i think every one should sign this god bless all the litte on born babys pray for the mothers murdering ther  babys an the pepol that help do it god bless jesus loves you all” ___________ These are just a few of the tamer views that were shared by pro life people on this post. I found my blood boiling to the point of obsession and disgust. Being anti abortion I completly understand,  especially if you are a man who can not relate to the reasoning behind a termination. But to impose you belief on me?  On my daughter?  On my sister?  On my friend?  Go f#ck yourself! It is a debate that has been going on for years. It has also made me think about mens views on it. Are they entitled to an opinion? of corse. If a consenting couple find themselves pregnant, should the father have a say over the life of his unborn child?…..absolutely. But,  unfortunately guys we do have the final say. This isn’t about sexism but simple biology,  we carry the baby for nine months,  we sacrifice our body and mind and we alone go through child birth. We can not walk away a few weeks into it because it’s too much for us to handle. We look after the baby for the rest of their life, so really,  who should have the final say?! Another point I have found myself thinking about for the first time is, what would happen if the NHS did stop funding abortions. Desperate girls and women Googling ‘ how to perform home abortions?’ Throwing us back to the 30’s and 40’s where women downed a bottle of gin and sat in a boiling hot bath?  or worse! Jesus, it doesn’t bare thinking about.   Babies abandoned at hospital steps,  care homes over flowing, burdening a child welfare system that is at breaking point already? Babies with severe disabilities or deformities being born to mothers that can not cope. Women traumatised by rape, being forced to birth the baby of their rapist.  Then having to decide if they can live with a baby that they may resent. Or give It up and have further torture wondering if they ever did the right thing. Or a girl who simply enjoys sex but who’s contraceptive failed….. How dare she have enjoyed herself without out weighing up whether, if the protection doesn’t work, could she cope with a baby.  After all,  that is why she used it in the first place! I’m sure the fella was thinking the same thing while he was getting ready to have his fun! I also find a man’s view on a termination interesting.  A comment that kept coming up was a women using it as a form of contraceptive.  how ridiculous! Their is a difference between a women making the mistake more than once and ‘ using it as contraception’ As if a termination is as simple as taking the morning after pill. Do any of these men understand what it is to go through a termination!? The turmoil most women find themselves in is indescribable. A procedure which either way causes physical discomfort and pain not to mention the mental effect. Honestly guys, no one thinks,  don’t worry, I’ll just have an abortion! I commented a few times on this post. I liken it to banging my head against a brick wall. Surprisingly,  only one man tried to defend his opinion.   Albeit a poor defence! He said that he believes in nurturing all children and babies. I call…..bullshit!!! I had to point out,  he is far from nuturing the young 14 year old girl who’s experimenting found herself pregnant and at risk of ruining the rest of her life. These men!  Honestly! I dispair I refer to men because not one women defended the petition. As I read through the posts comments that kept pinging up, it was like watching an argument between me and one of my kids. I could picture in my mind a grown man,  frowning with his arms crossed and stomping his feet. ‘but I just don’t like it,  it’s wrong,  it’s murder, you are evil ‘ And when a proper debate starts they dissappear or throw their toys out of their pram. ‘ you’re just being mean to me because I don’t agree with you…..’ boo hoo’ 1- I’m being mean?  trust me,  I’m holding myself together with all that is in me. 2- you put your opinion out their,  shoving it down my throat,  so have a bit back. Totally narrow minded,  self righteous men,  who, after spouting about how women shouldn’t be allowed terminations, even though their well be thousands more unwantes babies in the world, probably role their eyes at me when I walk in the supermarket with six kids in tow…… Twats!!! I must add,  there are also a huge amount of men supporting women.  I found that equally as encouraging. I feel like, for the first time in my life,  my right as a women is being questioned. Now as a mum to a little girl,  this struck a cord even more. Finding myself slightly obsessed with this post I naturally found myself stalking the Facebook pages of some of the worst culprits. It made me sad to see many were very religious,  one even a pastor. I grew up a Christian and still have my beliefs. Unfortunately, I do also feel this highlights the church’s hypocrisy on some subjects. Wow, I feel so much better now.   Thanks for listening,  sorry if I have provoked anger (maybe even towards me) But, if my daughter comes to me one day in a position she never thought she would find herself in, dispite all my ‘ safe sex ‘ talks,  I know Mike and I would put our arms round her,  explain ALL her options and support her no matter what she decides. I’m not going to actively promote this post due to its controversy. However,  if you feel it is important to you or has struck a cord, please like and share away. Peace out ✌

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