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Morning can kiss my ar*e

Morning can kiss my ar*e Words can not describe how much I hate my day pre 9am! It usually starts well,  looking over at my gorgeous little boy who always beams a huge smile at me….probably because he knows what’s coming next! As I turn back over to doze off for another 10 minutes, it starts!! George has learnt that screech …you know the one. The one that makes you jump up and do whatever it takes to stop the noise! Poor sod usually has every right to screech because I usually find he has the dirtiest, wettest nappy, always a lovely start to the day . I clean George up and get him dressed. If I’m having a good morning,  he will sit in his cot playing, otherwise the rest of my morning has a constant groan in the background. I shout at Libby to wake up. Next are

Fighting the mummy lbs

Fighting the mummy lbs I had just managed to go from a size 16/18 to a size 14 before a big holiday we had booked to California. I had spend 2 months on the Atkins diet and was ready for my brothers graduation in Florida followed by San Francisco, LA and Las Vegas. I had felt a bit ropey on the last leg of the holiday and on touch down in Gatwick the first thing I picked up was a pregnancy test……. POSITIVE. Pregnant with twins!!! After the boys were born I ballooned. When I went shopping for an outfit for their christening and the trousers I bought were a size 20. My new wardrobe was leggings and baggy jumpers for the next 4 years! When Libby was two I decided to do something about. My friend Rosie and I decided to join the local slimming world. That changed my

Mikeys acting career………

Mikeys acting career……… Mikey has always been quite dramatic and artistic. He has been going to an art class for two years and seems to have a real talent. the last year his passion had shifted from art to drama. He had been asking for months to start a drama class.  Another after school club was the last thing I needed!!! However,  it was really refreshing to hear him ask me to do something. Usually I am dragging them to their extra curricular activities kicking and screaming. After a bit of research he joined Britkids. A Saturday school at The Brit School in South London. He went for his first audition in March for a show at our local Theatre. When we got the call to say he had got a part he was over the moon. It’s something he really enjoys and takes seriously. The next step he wanted

Anniversary Thoughts

Anniversary Thoughts I don’t take anything for granted.   I know that I am blessed. Not only do I have five beautiful children but I have relationship with Mike that I don’t mind saying, I am really proud of. Everyone loves him…. And for good reason to! He is funny,  he gives good advice,  he listens to me even if I’m talking shit. He always makes time for my friends and family and loves them all as much as I do,  he adores his children and loves spending time with us all,  he makes me feel safe, secure and manages to constantly make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world and He has high morals. All this while working his arse off to provide the best life for his family. Don’t get me wrong,  the fella can be the biggest pain in the arse! But one of the

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