Baby Six Birth Story

After what felt like the longest third trimester ever I finally gave birth to my 2017 baby boy in the early hours of 29th April.

I apologise for the lack of birth photos, this is for two reasons…..

1) I struggle enough to remenber to take photos when I’m blogging about dinner or a day out,  let alone while panting through contractions. 

2) If Mike had started clicking away at me at my grimmest he probably would have spent a few hours in a different part of the hospital! 
So, the birth,  let me fill you in first at the lead up.

I have previously had a twin birth in hospital,  two home births and a planned homebirth that turned into a hospital (birthing suite/ water birth)  due to no homebirth midwives available that afternoon. 

This makes me..  As I have been reminded many times in the last eight months, ‘para 5’.  

This term refers to the amount of  pregnancies carried to term,  and what tends to follow the phrase around like a bad smell is ‘high risk’.

I have never considered myself high risk.  

I have been fortunate enough to deliver all my babies naturally without medication and have bounced back after labour straight away. 

Earlier on in my pregnancy I was referred to a consultant due to me being ‘high risk’. Apparently, hemorrhaging after birth Is more common the more babies you have had.

Because of this he decided not to back me for a homebirth.   

He explained he couldn’t stop me of I really wanted one but he strongly recommended I have baby at hospital.   

He reassured me that if I agreed to this I could use the hospital birthing suite and pool.

I’m not going to lie, being told what I can and can’t do when giving birth didn’t sit well with me.   

I champion womens choice during birth, whether you want a home birth,  drugs or a c section, I think it is important for a women to feel in control of her birth plan (taking into account any problems during pregnancy).

I argued for the sake of arguing, but in the back of my mind was Mike and the kids.   Do I really have the right to take any chances? I have a family that need me and if the Dr is saying there is a risk (no matter how small I think it is)  I have a responsibility to my family to listen to him. 

Fast forward to my due date. 

At my midwife appointment I was told the hospital was so busy that if I went into labour that night the hospital might ask me to go somewhere else due to lack of bed space (104 births in four days!)

I asked if a homebirth would be a better option as I didn’t want to get caught in a position where I would have to find another hospital while I was in labour, she agreed.

We decided that as long as everything was progressing well during labour I would stay at home and call someone out.
At that appointment I was 2cm dilated, and baby was quite high (not engaged).   This was my first baby to hang on till 40 weeks.

For about a week before the birth I was having contractions,  sometimes every hour,  sometimes not for 5 hours, sometimes 5 in an hour! I put it down to strong Braxton hicks.
Finally, Friday night,  3 days past my due date,  I woke up at midnight with bad Contractions.

I tried to get back to sleep and started timing the Contractions in between sleeping.   

After fifteen minutes I couldn’t sleep anymore so I got up and looked at my Contraction timing app.
They were barely 2 minutes apart!

I grabbed my tens machine and strapped it to my back then dug out the delivery suite number. 
The midwife on call explained that she didn’t feel comfortable coming out to me when she hasn’t been too or house before (to carry out risk assessment etc) before so I agreed to come into hospital.

I woke Mike up,  called my mother in law and started getting my bits ready.

I wish I had taken photos of Mike.  His face, everytime I had a Contraction on the way to the hospital was classic.  

They were coming a minute apart and I couldn’t talk through them by that stage so after watching four births, he knew it wouldn’t be long. 

He told me after the birth that he thought he would have to deliver baby in the back of his truck down a pitch black country lane! 

When we arrived at the hospital the midwife examined me.  I was 8cm dilated.

Then came the blow….she told me that the doctor on duty would not allow me to use the birthing suite because of me being ‘para 5, high risk ‘

I told her that the consultant had put on my notes that I could have a water birth but she told me,  because he hadn’t wrote it in the right place, I absolutly couldn’t use the birthing suite or pool.
I was heart broken (and a little scared)  my last two births were water births and the pain relief in water is great! 

By this stage I didn’t have time to argue, I asked her to just take me to wherever I was suppose to deliver the baby. 
She led us into a room which was everything I hated about giving birth!  A delivery suite with a bed and….. Well, nothing else!!!!  Just a bed! 
I asked where I was supposed push.   By now my humour was fading and I was starting to feel pissed off,  So when the midwife answered ‘ you should know that by baby six’ i flashed a look at her that said it all. 
Then they insisted on putting a canuler in my hand,  just incase I started bleeding after the birth and needed a blood transfusion.   I agreed because I was so busy focusing on each Contraction. 
I told my midwife I couldn’t push laying down so she moved the bed in a position so that the top of the bed was vertical.  I was on my knees with my head over the top of the bed ( a very comfortable position to birth in). 

After I jumped in that position Arthur John was born in the next three contractions.

Labor had been under three hours from when I woke up to Arthur flying out at 3.05am.  

He was born a heavyweight at 9lb 1oz, the biggest of our babes. 

What a scrumpy little bundle!!!  He came out screaming but after warming up and latching onto my boob he settled down. 
I didn’t have any unusual bleeding post birth.  In fact, the midwife said there was very little blood lose during delivery.

This was my first birth that I didn’t tear and I’d like a little high five from you mums who can appreciate the feeling of going to the loo on day 2! 😉🎊🎉

His timing was great,  I enjoyed a glass if prosecco during the Anthony Joshua fight that night! 

Dispite none of my birth going to plan, we both got through it and it all seems like a dream now. 

And now here we are,  a family of eight!

The other children adore him,  well,  the older ones anyway.   

George doesn’t really know what to make of him,  he just finds it handy that when he can’t find his dummy he can go and take Arthurs! 

Tell me about your labours, I’m not the only one who’s birth plan went out the window am I!? 

Morning can kiss my ar*e


Words can not describe how much I hate my day pre 9am!

It usually starts well,  looking over at my gorgeous little boy who always beams a huge smile at me….probably because he knows what’s coming next!

As I turn back over to doze off for another 10 minutes, it starts!!
George has learnt that screech
…you know the one.
The one that makes you jump up and do whatever it takes to stop the noise!

Poor sod usually has every right to screech because I usually find he has the dirtiest, wettest nappy, always a lovely start to the day .
I clean George up and get him dressed.

If I’m having a good morning,  he will sit in his cot playing, otherwise the rest of my morning has a constant groan in the background.

I shout at Libby to wake up.

Next are the twins.
They are old enough to get themselves ready…..or so you would think.
There is ALAWYS something they can’t find.
Socks, pants, a jumper,  trousers, a school shirt.
For the fifteen minutes we can’t find the missing item of clothes, I am dirt!
For that fifteen minutes I am ‘ the worst mum in the world ‘ ‘ruining their lives ‘ ‘its always my fault if we are late for school ‘
We usually find the missing item in the exact place I initially told them to look,  which apparently they did and it wasn’t there!

I shout at Libby to wake up again.

In the meantime Charlie doesn’t usually have this problem as he keeps the same clothes next to his bed and will wear those same clothes every day….. Forever, if he could!
So I then spend another fifteen minutes convincing Charlie that it really IS that important to wear clean clothes everyday…. Even though part of me is tempted to just let him win to save the washing!

All this builds up to what I know will be the hardest part of my morning…..Libby.
She is still asleep and when I try to wake her up it is like Russian roulette.
On a good day She will open her eyes and give me a big smile.
On a bad day she opens her eyes and spits at me how I have already made this the worst day of her whole entire life!

I pick my approach on how to deal with the hair brushing.
Sometimes I bribe her,  sometimes I trick her,  sometimes I shout at her.
It is usually a reflection on whether George is having a good morning or bad and how late we are!

The kids go downstairs to have their breakfast.
This usually gives me ten minutes to get ready.
I go downstairs,  make George’s bottles up,  pack his day bag and get him ready in his car seat.
I’m now ready to leave.
I call everyone to get in the car and then they come into the hallway and look at me like I’ve totally lost the plot.
‘we haven’t even had breakfast yet! ‘
Oh my God!!!!!!!
Turns out they have been to busy watching The fu#King Thundermans!!!!!!
Now we are late.
After they have eaten they finally get in the car….
I’m out the driveway!…… Or am I?

One of them is guaranteed to have forgotten something…. Homework,  a coat,  football kit…
Back home we go and by now they know not to even talk to me!

We have actually still been making it to school on time…. Just…. because I have found a shortcut.
Problem is, once the hotel owner realises I cut across his estate every morning, ignoring every one way sign through the car park, it will be back to the ‘late’ route!

I must stress, this isn’t every day,  only three or four out of five  😜

And everyone wonders why my first stop after the school run is for a coffee!

The day can only get better!