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RIP HARAMBE When you have children they say you have to have eyes in the back of your head. Having said that,  when you have a baby you don’t ACTUALLY grow eyes in the back of you head. This is why I am so surprised at some of the judgmental comments surrounding the tragic incident with Harambe the Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo.  Don’t get me wrong,  I am devastated at what has happened to such a beautiful animal. An animal that was clearly using his natural instincts to protect a baby from harm. how could anyone be certain the atmosphere in the enclosure wouldn’t change at any instant. I feel that the zoo had no choice but to take the action they did. But how did this happen? Every parent is guilty of turning their back for a second. Another child takes your attention or you turn to check something

Orlando heart break 💔

Orlando heart break 💔 Before you read this, I am not big on politics, this is just my opinion on the latest mass shooting in America. From what I have read recently, a bi-polar, steroid pumping, wife beater who had shown such aggressive homophobic views that his colleagues had been forced to leave the security firm he worked at because they couldnt tolerate him anymore. This man was arrested and questioned twice by police after being linked to various ISIS radicals and was on their ‘watch’ list. Somehow, because of the gun laws,  this lowlife was able to walk into a sporting goods store and buy a assault rifle and hand gun!?!? What the f#ck!!!!!!?? I am proud of our gun laws in this country and the security around them. Mike holds a UK shotgun and fire arms license. To obtain this licence he had to submit an in depth

Fighting for Eva, fighting DIPG

Fighting for Eva, fighting DIPG Friends of our family were given some news a couple of months ago that ripped their world apart. Their five year old daughter, Eva has been diagnosed with DIPG, a rare form of  cancer. Her brain tumour is inoperable given the lack of research the treatments are limited. As a mum to a five year old girl myself my heart instantly broke for them all. I can not even begin to imagine how they begin to digest and deal with this but I have been following their story through their Facebook page and they are truly inspiring. Funding and awareness is what this condition desperately needs.  Please take time to read through this blog and share on all your social platforms,Twitter,  emails,  Facebook, Instagram. Share it for a little girl, to help her and her family fight and find a cure for her and all

Burning my bra! 

Burning my bra!  I always try to keep my blog posts light hearted but as I am lucky enough to have this platform I am going to use it to rant today. This isn’t to lecture or cause controversy.   This is just me,  unleashing my anger that has consumed me for the past 24 hours. I haven’t seen any of my girlfriends in that time to unleash my rage on so I’m afraid you, as my friends and blog viewers are going to get it full blast. Yesterday a post popped up on my newsfeed, it said ; ‘PETITION….1.6 million people signed to stop a man coming into the country, how many will sign to save the most innocent and defenseless in our society…’ It was a petition to withdraw Abortion from NHS funding. Now I’m not a hardcore feminist, I have always believed in equal rights, but im

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