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Country Kids

When we moved to the farm two and a half years ago I really didn’t think about what amazing experiences it would provide for the kids. Although they all embrace the country life,  Harrison is certainly our most natural countryboy. Part of our life here includes raising and caring for animals,  some as pets, some as food. Both are cared for and respected during their time with us regardless. IMG-20160213-WA0003 It is completely natural to Harri to handle all sorts of animals,  dead or alive and when we have lost a chicken to a fox or illness I’m often calling for him to help me (I’m not such a natural!) When we dispatched our pigs last year, Harri was on hand to help Mike with the grollocking. I had explained to all the children what was happening and that if they would rather stay indoors that might be for the best but Harri was determined to help. However, I totally respect that Mikey (Harri’s twin brother) is happy to care for them and eat the end product but doesnt feel comfortable with the killing (like his mum) Lately Harri he has really taken to joining Mike on the shoots. He helps with the Dogs and collecting the birds. Last time he went with his cousin Brook and they came back at the end of the day like they had been to Disneyworld! After bringing the birds back it was over to Mikey,Charlie and Libby to help prep them for diner. DSC_3369 It can be controversial and some friends do not like the idea of eating animals we raised ourselves. Other friends can’t wait till their next ‘Thompson Pork fix ‘.  The pork Belly I made from our saddleback was amazing. I would rather eat something that I know the history of and the taste is so different. Whatever your opinion is,  the kids are learning some invaluable lessons that I could never imagine them learning before we moved here . IMG-20160125-WA0004

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