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Easy SMX Kids Headphones

I was recently asked to review a pair of childrens headphones.
I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that despite being asked asked to do this, my review (or the kids review) is entirely unbiased.
Luckily however, we were really pleased with this product.

The headphones arrived, beautifully packaged in a smart box which looked great.  I opted for the blue and yellow pair (given libby is more likely to wear blue and yellow as the boys are to wear pink!)

The colour and design is great, ideal for a young children but also trendy looking enough for the twins (10) to use/wear.
According to Charlie, my eight year old, the headphones are very comfortable and the sound is great.
This point was proven when I called him five times from next to him and he blissfully ignored me, happily watching Toy Story on my laptop.

Libby (6) was next to give them a go, once she put them on no one else got a look in!
This is when I realised they really are worth the money.  You see, Libby is addicted to Youtube videos, the ones where adults are dressed up as mermaids or princesses and badly act through scenes from their kitchen table (they really are as annoying as they sound).
The point is, Mike and I spend 90% of our time telling her to turn it down or off as it is like listening to fingernails being scratched down a chalk board.

I have tried different headphones but she never keeps them on, complaining the are uncomfortable or she cant hear propertly.
I havent heard that annoying youtube drivvle since she put EasySMX headphones on.
At a cost of £21.99, I would recommend them, however, at the moment they are being sold on Amazon for £11.99 which is incredibly good value.  For a family as large as ours, means I can justify buyng a pair for each of the kids.
I am putting an order in for another four pairs!
We are hoping to book a couple of holidays this year and i think they will be perfect aeroplane headphones.  Now the twins (10) have Iphones and Libby and Charlie have tablets, they will also be great for car trips and holidays.

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