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Feeling sorry for myself 

​Day one of feeling like s#;t Today has been a struggle.   I’m not ill very often but I seem to be paying for that now. My throat feels like razor blades, my nose is either running or completly blocked, my ears are aching and my head is thumping. Every body movement feels like hard work. As a mum you’re not allowed to be poorly,   let alone with five of the little cherubs! There is no point even moaning about my ailments to Mike because everytime I try to explain to him how I feel ,  he has it,  but worse! After I took the kids to school this morning I tried to get on with some housework but I got distracted….. Friends turned up with cake! I spent all day moving from the sofa to the coffee machine and back again and catching up on the latest gossip. Once the kids had been picked up I thought I would try and pep myself up having a hot bath and face mask – it didn’t help. After my soak it was back to mum duties.  Mikey had his first rehearsal for a show he is in in the summer. I could have had two hours of peace and quiet while I wait for him to finish,  but I agreed Libby could come. Instead I spent two hours running around Reigate trying to find baby wipes so that I  could wipe the sushi she dropped all over mikes car! I’m in now,  nurafen taken,  hemroid cream under my eyes (for the puffiness) and a bowl of cornflakes because I forgot to have dinner 🙊 It’s not all bad,  did I mention im in bed, blogging and watching Snatch!? Day two if feeling like s?;t Nope,  Definatly not feeling better today but it’s all good because I don’t have anything to do today! ……..oh no sorry, that’s someone else’s life!  Today I am helping at Libbys school trip! I honestly couldnt think of anything I would least like to do when I feel like this than spend a day with 30 reception children, but how could I let her down? picture of me today!!!!) As it happens we had a really good day,  the kids were fantastic and I loved spending quality time with Libby and her friends. After school my day went like this : 4pm. Business meeting 6pm drop off to tutor 6.30.(treat myself to a manicure!) 7.30 pick up from tutor PICK UP KEBAB FOR EVERYONE 8.30 home 8.45 pour a large wine and Blog! Right,  now I’m in bed with soup hoping tomorrow I feel better. Note to anyone reading this who haven’t had children yet – if you are ill,  enjoy it,  once you have kids,  being ill isn’t an excuse to spend all day on the sofa watching box sets!…..  S#;T GETS REAL!

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