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First week of our holiday

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my blog. Holidaying with five children doesn’t allow me much free time. Between applying suncream, feeding them and getting in and out of the pool one hundred times a day I just about have time to take a pi#@! We are one week into our three week holiday in Florida.  Our first week had been in Key West. I am going to do a separate blog on Key West but I would sum the Island up as the American Caribbean, laid back and boozy. I saw a sign in a shop window that said Key West emergency plan:  GRAB BEER AND RUN LIKE FUCK! That’s pretty much sums it up. image We have met some really interesting people and watched Sarah (my  sister in law) and John get married which was beautiful and a complete honour. The kids have been on top form this week.  Enjoying every minute of the weather,  pool and the relaxed atmosphere. They have always loved the States and, like Mike and I, feel completely at home here.  Mikey has even been speaking in an American accent since he landed… Slightly embarrassing when ordering food or speaking to a native! They have been a bunch of comedians aswell, I’ve been making notes of some of the sh€t this lot have come out with. Harrison on the toilet ‘Don’t talk to me while I’m pooing, I can talk,  but you can’t…. I mean….I need to concentrate’ Libby whilst trying on my wedges ‘so when you are in heaven I can wear all your clothes and shoes can’t I!?’ Mikey ‘ Mum you look like Megan Traynor, mainly because you both have ginger hair and a big booty ‘ Harrison ‘ how long is this wedding going to go on for?  I’m starving and I want some cake! ‘ Charlie ‘Sarah looks beautiful….. John looks bald but Sarah looks beautiful! ‘ image We have had a great first week to our holiday. It’s sad to say goodbye to our family and friends but we are looking forward to our next week of holiday adventures in Fort Lauderdale and Miami!

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