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Good morning Saturday

I thought I would write a quick post as I sit here at 5.30am on Saturday! I’m hugging my coffee and feeling totally exhasted. The kids have been back one week and it has already started! The sickness bug has hit our house! Luckily its not the sort of bug that knocks you off your feet for 24 hours.   It seems to just bring on uncobtrolable vomiting and once you have been sick, it moves onto its next victim. My washing machine has been on constantly since Thursday and ive been through a bottle of carpet cleaner. My expensive candles that I only bought a week ago are nearly finished and my house still smells like a sewer. Libby wins the award for minimal inconvenience as she managed to keep her pukey mess to one small pile. Mikey managed to puke in my car, despite having pulled over and his door being thrown open! Cleaning capets and washing bedsheets is one thing… chunks from the door pockets of a car is a different ball game. George started crying in the middle of the night (not unusual).  So I left him for five minutes before I checked on him incase he fell back to sleep. How bad did i feel when I went into his room and and he was covered, head to toe in vomit. At 1am I was bathing a stinky baby and stripping his bed. Harrison has a fear of being sick and has slight OCD. He has basically locked himself in a room and banned anyone from going near him.  That still didnt save him though and he puked on mikeys bed (who was in with me) at 3am. Baby Arthur may or may not have had it.  I spend most of my days covered in his sick and changing his nappies, so it seems he is in a constant tummy bug state. So that just leaves Charlie…….. Oh…and did I mention, as payback for heading to bed a bit earlier than usual, my dog left me a wonderfully smelly package on my hallway floor. FYI Vanish Gold is my best friend during times like this.  It gets every stain and smell out of the carpet! Hope your weekend is kicking off better than mine!

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