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Happy But Tired Mum

After two weeks my body clock still hasn’t adjusted to the time difference between London and Florida. I wake up at 3am every morning (8am london time) and just lay wide eyed. It hasn’t helped that George has been teething aswell.  Just as I manage to drift of he usually stirs, then by the time I get him back to sleep its too late for me! Don’t get me wrong,  it hasn’t been all that hard work,  I’ve had no school runs to be up for and the sun makes it easier. I am anxious about next week though. Getting the kids back into the routine of school. Plus, it’s the way home the jet lag really kicks in. I can’t wait for them all to be climbing the walls at 2am because they can’t sleep. I will be buying plenty of Bacardi at Duty free on the way home…. Don’t judge me, it’s for me, not the kids. They prefer vodka anyway 😝


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