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Holiday Anxieties

The anxiety is beginning to set in. I have never felt like I need a holiday as badly as I do now and feel blessed we have an amazing trip coming up. However,  before I can slip into my bikini, order a daiquiri and lay down by the pool, I have the slightly massive hurdle of getting there!! Two and a half weeks of beautiful Florida Sunshine….. Which means two and a half weeks worth of clothes for seven people to pack ! This year the Trunkies have been shelved.  Last time Mike had to drag four trunkies through Miami Airport it nearly ended in divorce. Obviously it was my fault (even though I asked his opinion,  he did not want to offer any input into packing and our luggage arrangements). This year I have strategically bought the four older children backpacks which they have already been instructed will stay with THEM the whole trip. The suitcases is where the real anxiety begins. We have an allowance of one stored case each.  That’s seven cases! We won’t be able to manover seven cases. That is logistically impossible! So,  one for me, one for Mike and two for all the kids?  three for all the kids?  That’s five suitcases!! JESUS! Then there is the flight. The four older children travel really well.  Give them a movie or some music and a book and they will be fine on the eight hour flight. George, my seven month old however is a different story.   He is at that age now where he doesn’t want to be held and  he fights sleep. Any tips on how to keep your head when on a eight hour flights with a baby!? Once we arrive we have a four hour drive to our final destination…. Key West. download As long as we make it there without losing any kids and without the help of Vallium we will have a great holiday. In the meantime, wish me luck!!!!!

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