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How I get stuff done with a baby 

One of the most common things I get asked as a mum of thousands of children is ‘ how do you get anything done with a baby? ‘ The answer is really simple, at home, behind closed doors, we call it ‘ the cage’ on the outside you call it a playpen! You could stress yourself out, intent on baking cookies with your 9 month old who cant even eat properly yet. Or spend hours with play doh that your toddler would rather eat than play with. Or try and get jobs done with a year old on your hip. All this is lovely of corse, memory making and learning but don’t let the ‘perfect mum’ give you shit for needing to get stuff done, especially when you have older children that still need your attention. When George was a baby I used the playpen to keep him safe. that I could go and start dinner, sort the washing out, help the others with homework or simply chill out for 10 minutes without the worry that Libby might start feeding him like one of her dolls or the dog didn’t lick his face after giving their doggy bits a chew. As he has got older and started to crawl and walk I put a couple of his favourite toys in their and let him play. Not only does this give me time to get stuff done it also teaches him how to play without me, gain confidence and problem solve. Obviously, before you start judging me I’m not talking about putting him in the cage and popping out for a few vodkas at the pub. I’m usually in the next room or running up and downstairs constantly checking on him. By doing this when I need it it leaves me calm quality time to spend when I do sit down and bake cookies and play with the play doh (😂😂😂 whatever, he is 15 months, I have years of that to come) when I play blocks, helping him climb in and out of his toy car or play who can scream the loudest. My point is, don’t try and be a martyr, it doesn’t hurt them to play on their own for a while while you do whatever you need to get done or just sit down with a cuppa. I have done it with all of mine. [wpvideo 7BZcta29]

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