How was your school run this morning? 

​This was my car journey this morning 
Mikey: Charlie, when you get into year five you learne about sex, it’s really gross.
Charlie: yea I don’t want to learne about it,it might make me sick! 
Harri: why are you talking about sex, don’t say the word,  I hate the word, urgh
Mum: ha ha  sex, sex, sex, sex
Harri: shut up mum it makes me feel like I might throw up! 
Mum: it won’t when you are older
Harri: urgh,  yes it will! 
Mikey: Mum,  what do you think sex is? 
Mum:  I know exactly what sex is darling 
Harri: of course she does,  her and dad are masters at it…… Discusting!
Charlie: Mum you have had sex 6 times! 
Mikey: yea I’m only having 2 babies
Harri: I’m only having one! 
Mikey: Mum if me and harri shared a stomach what would happen when we are older and one of us needs to do the discusting thing? 
Mum: you mean like conjoined twins?
Mikey: Yea
Mum: one of you would have to shut your eyes I suppose
Harri:  (giggles) rank!
Libby:  Mum, can we get chocolate after school? 
I want them to stay this age forever!!!  😂😂😂

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