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Imperial War Museum

​Thanks to the teachers strike (with you all the way!) I got an extra day of quality time with the twins. They are studying World War 2 this year and, as it is also my favourite period in history we decided to take a trip to the Imperial War Museum near Waterloo. A nice day out without spending too much money (entry into the museum is free) I find it easier when I have George with me to drive up to London. It just means after a long day the kids can lay back and relax in the way home. The only problem I ever have with driving to town is the parking…… Not anymore! The last couple of trips I have used Before I leave I put into the website the destination postcode and it throws up the nearest car park.  You pre pay on the website and just turn up! On this trip I parked 10 minutes from the museum and it cost £11 all day! The museum was as fantastic now as I remember from when I was their age. We learnt about what it was like to live through WW2 through the eyes of a South London family. The boys found it really helped them to relate to the Allpress’,  comparing members of their family to ours (they also had a big family!) Looking at rationing, evacuation, the blitz  and all the propaganda, we took it all in and enjoyed every minute. It gave the three of us an overwhelming feeling of pride and patriotism that our previous generations went through this for us. ‘ we gave up our today’s for your tomorrow’s’ Harrison wouldnt even have his picture taken with a swastika in the background. As for the haulacaust exhibition, I could hardly bare it. Explaining it to the boys and hearing some of the stories was truly horrific. It is the first time I feel like my children really felt grateful for what they have and their life. The museum facilities are great to,  plenty of lifts to access the diffetent exhibitions, toilets, baby changing,  coffee shops etc. I was gutted we had a big breakfast before we got there. The restaurant food looked absolutely amazing, pizzas, seabass, salads, marinated chicken aswell as a huge range of pastries and cakes! I’ll save that for my next visit!

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