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Jet Lag

And so it has arrived…. Jet lag day! George has been sleeping on and off all day and this evening I’ve started to check for the 666. It’s like my front door is the gates to Hell. image Libby has been asleep all day and just woken up (11.25pm) and she is now in the most aggravating mood. So far I have been followed around the house half crying,  half winging, nagging at me about the most ridiculous things ‘ I’m not sleeping on my own! ‘ (feet stamping) ‘ where is my candy floss?! ‘ ‘ I’ll get my TV and put it in your room ‘ ‘ you didn’t even get all my friends at school a present from America’ ‘I hate America’ ‘ where is my candy floss!? ‘ ‘ Why did we have to come home!? ‘ ‘I love my house’ ‘I hate my house ‘ ‘ Where is my candy floss?’ ‘Im not sleeping,  ever! ‘ ‘I want your phone ‘ ‘I want dad’s phone ‘ ‘I don’t know know where to sleep,my room is scary ‘ ‘ when am I having a sleepover with my friends?’ ‘ you promised me we could make fairy cakes’ (I didn’t) image ‘I’m so starving, do you even care!? ‘ then continues to say no to everything I offer her….. YOUR NOT HAVING THE [email protected] CANDYFLOSS I’ve just agreed to something either genius or seriously bloody stupid. Seeings as my two youngest are driving me mad,  ive let Libby sleep with George so they can keep eachother amused and aggravate eachother. image Meanwhile, the the older boys have been asleep since 3pm this afternoon.   Will they sleep through? our can I expect them awake in a couple of hours???? It’s not all bad,  I get to look forward to the school run in the morning 😣

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