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Lisa is 40!

Forty years ago today something pretty special happened.   My girl Lisa was born! We first met at work 15 years ago and it has been a friendship that I have been thankful for ever since.  A career driven, strong, independent women who still manages to keep her femininity and maternal insticts at the forefront of her personality. She doesn’t suffer fools and you can guarentee you will get the honest truth whether it suits you or not, but if you ever need her she is there unconditionaly. God help you if you upset her friends or family, her comical wit and quick tongue will shoot you down in a heartbeat. When she announced her pregnancy six years ago and she told us she was planning to carry on working full time, I must admit I wandered if her career would have to take a back step. Hell no, she juggles work and motherhood like a pro. Always giving her job 100% and making sure her family get all her attention when she is at home.   She even manages a pretty decent social life! She is a perfect example of a modern, working mum and I am so very proud to call her my friend. Always the more sensible of my girls I think it’s safe to say she keeps us all in check and in return we have opened her mind to the world of f#cks, Ann summers sambuca and low-cut tops 😘 So,  the year she turned 40 was always going to be a big deal. We have a few celebrations in the diary over the next few weeks but today, we sacked off the local garden centre and kicked off the celebrations with a girls boozy breakfast at Aqua Shard. I’ll review ourbreakie on another post. Lisa, Happy birthday Chick.  I hope you enjoy every minute,  you deserve it. Love you 💗💗💗 Kate  xxxx

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