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Modern Mum of five..... Soon to be six 

​​So here I am,  34, mum of five and pregnant again with number six.  When I found out I was pregnant my first concern was not ‘ how will I cope!? ‘ ‘ do we have enough space? ‘ ‘ will we afford it? ‘ My main worry was ‘ what will people say!? ‘ How wrong is that!? So let me start by saying : -We own our own home and have never claimed benefits -We do own a TV  but we just can’t keep our hands off eachother!  😘 -I don’t spend all day watching Jeremy Kyle (although it is a guilty pleasure when I have 5 minutes) -My kids are always dressed in clean clothes (most of the time) -They all go to school and are very studious. -They all have extra curricular activities and yes it does cost a fortune but we make it work. My kids also… -Are slightly feral and spend alot of their time in the garden or fields,  building dens and climbing trees -help me with housework and help with their younger siblings -Know how to share with eachother and other people -Protect and look out for eachother So to summarise, yes it’s hard work,  yes it’s expensive,  yes we are a little bit crazy, But we are so happy!!!!! When we told the children they were absolutely delighted. the last month they have gained 4 new cows,  3 new sheep, chickens and a baby brother or sister….. Life is never dull! Libby of corse is hoping for a little sister, but as long as it’s healthy (and sleeps through the night from day one 😉) im not fussed either way. You might understand now why my blogs have taken a back step the last few weeks.   Everytime I have sat down to write one my eyes close and I am out for the count. As my first trimester comes to an end my energy levels will be back on track im sure.  Thanks everyone for your messages,  it’s great to hear so many of you have been enjoying my blogs. Love to you all xxxxx


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