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Before I explain about my exciting ‘Modern Mum’s Modern Women’ Event I am organising in Caterham, Surrey, I would like to give you a bit of background on me.
My name is Kate and first and foremost, I am a mum to six beautiful children.  
My oldest boys have just turned eleven and my youngest is seven months old.

I have always felt it is important, dispite being a mum, to keep my sense of self worth.  Whether that is getting out once in a while with my friends, making sure I find time for myself or keeping my toe in the world of business.  
I need to feel like there is more to me than nappy changing, mum taxi, nursey rhymes, nerf targets and cheif chef and bottlewash (as fun as all that can be).
After spending my career as an Estate Agent, I went back to college in 2011 and qualified as a beauty therapist.  
I have been helping my husband run his Scaffold Company for the last ten years and we also own a Property Company which buys and refurbishes residential homes.
My biggest passion though, is my blog,
It is primarily a parenting blog where I share my life, ideas and reviews.
I have also learned a new skill since hitting my thirties. Talking.
I love chatting and meeting new people.  I love talking to the person behind me in the H&M queue.  I love talking to other mums.  I love talking to the elderly man in the coffee shop….and guess what!? For the most part, they seem to enjoy talking to me.
I have realised the power of reaching out, Sharing ideas, meeting new people and drawing inspiration from other women

So, I had this idea.  
I love a girls nights out. 
I love drinking cocktails and dancing the night away with my friends.
I love promoting small businesses.
I also have massive admiration for women.
Through the power of networking and social media i have realised I am not on my own with these thoughts.
Women are great PR tools. 

So here it is…..

Soper Hall is a beautiful old building in Caterham, Surrey which is made up of three halls linked together.
In the Main hall will be the party! Live music, cocktail bar and selfie and networking boards. 
The second hall will be a ‘pamper room’. Professionals from the beauty and therapy industries with their mini salons will be offering mini manicures, pedicures, massages and make overs.
All I ask is that when you take advantage of these services you make sure that you take lots of photos and selfies and tag the relevant therapists in on Social Media.  
Tell your friends, tell your social media following, Let’s spread the love beyond the party!
In the third hall will be women promoting all sorts businesses.  
Baby Classes, Stylists, clothing shops, jewellery, childminders, Lingerie Stores, Accountants, advice and service industries, everyone is welcome.
This is not a charity event although I have calculated the ticket prices so that there will be very little, if any profit.   
My motivation is 
a) because I love organising a good party! (Did i mention I was a Sales and Events girl too)
b) it will benifit and help promote Modern Mum.
So, if you have a business in Caterham, Oxted, Coulsdon, Warlingham, Purley, Sanderstead, Banstead, South Croydon or any areas near to these and would like to reserve a space for your business please email me  Spaces are filling quickly.
Networking is not limited to stall holders. Everyone will be given a name tag on arrival with a chance to put their Name, business (if you have one) and social media handles…I find this a great ice breaker for anyone who would like to network slightly more casualy.
Each ticket offers a glass of prosecco on arrival and there will be food provided by local companies (buffet style).
For all you ladies who would like to come along for an evening of mingling, pampering and learning more about what your area has to offer, please grab your tickets while they are still available.   
I hope this explains a little more about Modern Mums Modern Women Event.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message
Please share this for all the wonderful women in your life xxx 
If you are a make up artist, blogger, hairdresser, therapist or anyone else with a service to offer please contact me

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