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More The Merrier

Everywhere we go and whatever we do we always have the same re action and questions. ‘ oh my God are they all yours!? ‘ ‘ how do you cope!? ‘ ‘ I’m tired just thinking about it ‘ ‘ do you not own a TV? ‘ ‘ five children!?  are you crazy!? ‘ Some people think it’s great to see a big family,  others seem horrified. image I have been thinking about this alot today. All day the kids have played together. I’ve listened to them make eachother laugh,  they have made their nana and grandad laugh and made me laugh. They cheered eachother up when one was feeling down, they stuck up for eachother when I told them off and they kept eachother in check. image Despite having enough rooms in the house we are renting on holiday to have a room each they are all sharing beds. image Since George came along I have seen all of them love and protect him in the most special way. image Yesterday I was doing dinner and Harri asked if he could play with George. Ten minutes later he came to me and said ‘ mum,  George was tired so I put him down in his cot and gave him a bottle, he is asleep now ‘ My heart melted. I wouldn’t swap my big family for the world. They drive me mad but they also keep me sane. So today,  I was thinking,  the real question is, how do people with small families cope?

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