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My little man

I’ve been finding it hard to blog lately. Since George turned one he up’ed his game massivly. He has gone from a quiet little baby who sits contently playing in his playpen (or cage to you that know us well) to a walking,  talking, shouting Hitler whos day consists of eating,  tipping up the dogs water bowl,  eating some more,  shitting and then eating again. Happy times though,  He has started saying my name! It’s so cute! He hasn’t learned that whine yet, He just walks around saying ‘ mum, mum, mum, mum ‘ Let’s see how long that little novelty lasts before the sound ‘mum’ has me scratching at my eyes! When my babies are born i always make the mistake of strutting around with my beautiful new baby telling everyone how lucky I am that he is so good. This was true,  he was good,  most babies are when all they do is sleep,  drink milk and poo. It’s when they start crawling/walking and learning the art of manipulation that things start to change. When I had the twins I used to take a high and mighty ‘i will not give in ‘ approach……not anymore. George wants chocolate,  I say no,  George screams,  I give him the chocolate. …..bad, bad mum All that aside, I am loving every precious moment with my number five. He is growing into a sweet, funny and affectionate little boy, just like his big brothers USED to be🙈. I am so excited to see what he makes of his new little brother when he arrives.

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