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​The person who said the two most stressful things you can do in life is move house or get married never refurbished a house with four/five children! 
We finished our extension just before George was born but put our kitchen on hold. 

(this picture is totally irrelevant,  I just wanted to show off my wallpaper hanging skills !)  
I couldn’t handle the mess and inconvinience of no kitchen and a Newborn baby so we left it as it was. 
Now, nearly a year later we looking into finishing it and the thought is filling me with excitment and dread! 
I’m still cleaning dust up 11 months after the building work finished! 
This always helps :
‘There may not be a kitchen but don’t think for a second I’m living on sandwiches for a month.’
‘ let’s move into nana’s’
‘Can you still make Coco pops? ‘
‘ you should buy our old house. That kitchen was finished ‘
-Just some of the constructive comments my beautiful offspring offered!  
I also seem to be so much more indecisive since George was born. 
I’m no stranger to refurbing or putting new kitchens in but this time I’ve drawn a blank. 
I can’t decide what kitchen to go for, how to lay it out,  what floor to have, what lighting i want,  an island or a bar?  Solid wood or granite?  
This is so unlike me,  i am,  usually quite an impulsive and decisive person.
Either way,  what i want and what it will look like after a couple of months are two totally different things. 
I picture a sparkling white kitchen with a beautiful chandelier,  a huge bunch of flowers in a vase sitting proudly on the island,  a full wine Fridge and the smell of coffee in the air. 

What the ‘ real ‘ picture will show is dirt marks all over what used to be stunning white units,  dead lily’s where I have forgotton to change the water and can’t be arsed to empty the stinking flowers out,  an empty wine fridge (five kids and five dogs,  need i say more?) and the smell of shitty nappies because,  although I have the intention to buy nappy sacks each time I’m out, I never do!  #mumslife
I better start getting my arse into gear, two walls are being knocked down this week and the sooner I have a kitchen picked the sooner an end is in sight.
I’ll start tonight, hold on, Did someone say tapas? 
I’ll start tomorrow! 

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