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Packing and Travelling with a large family

I have made packing for a large family an art form. Organising five children and a husband can be daunting especially for a big holiday. I find I get most anxious the first couple of hours of the trip,  checking in and getting through security with everyone. I have learned over the years how to keep this as easy and hassle free as possible. Packing The kids will spend 70% of their time on holiday in their swimming costumes. Packing loads of clothes for them is totally pointless. For the boys I keep it to 3 smart shorts each for the evenings and a couple of shirts, 5 or 6 t shirts and I get them to travel in a tracksuit so that they have a hoodie or light jacket over there.  I also pack three shorts that can be worn out during the day that double up as swimming shorts. Microfiber towels are super absorbant but weigh hardly anything and pack into the size of a small sock.  They take no space or weight up and they work better than normal towels. One pair of flip flips and one pair of trainers or loafers and that’s the boys done! For Libby, I packed 4 or 5 swimming cosies,  4 or five summer dresses, a couple of shorts and a couple of little t shirts. Again,  she has one pair of flip flops and a pair of evening sandals. We usually stay self catering so I can always wash clothes as and when they need it. All suncreams, shampoos I buy when I’m away. image I packed George mainly vests.  I did pack a couple of cute shirts and shorts for the evenings. I take one box of baby formula and bag of nappies in my check in luggage.  Anything else I buy when I’m away. Travelling with a baby George is eight months and he is still on formula milk. I took 3 empty, clean bottles with me to the airport, one bottle with milk in it and one ready mix bottle for the journey to the airport. The aim is to have no Liquids at all when u go through security. If I do have any creams, gels etc for the baby I keep them in a clear bag in my handbag so it’s easy to get to when I need it. Once I’m getting ready to go through security I empty whatever is left in the bottle of milk. image First stop once I’m through to airside is Boots or a chemist to buy all my babymilk and food depending on how long the flight is going to be. When we boarded the plane,  because we have George and a buggy we are clssed a needing special assistance so we were first to board…… Love these perks. image I tried to hold off George sleeping the few hours before the flight. This worked out just as I planned, during take off I gave him his bottle.   With the sound of the aeroplane taking off and the rumble of the engine he was asleep before we got to 3000ft and slept the first two hours of the flight! Happy Days! FYI we made it!  9.5 hour flight, no more grey hairs and no divorce papers in sight.

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