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Petworth and The Three Crowns, Wisborough Green

​I am really lucky when it comes to my relationship with Mike. Being self employed he is at home alot of the time. This would drive most wives to murder! But, as it happens,  I quite like it! He often joins me for a coffee with the girls in the morning, listens to us moan about shit we find to moan about and then lightens the mood with one of his cocky comments. I’m completely going of the subject of my post! What I’m getting at is that he often suggests a random trip out after I’ve dropped the kids off to school. It might be that he has a job to price up or check on so we could be off anywhere (I’m writing this blog from the car on our way to Clapham) Just before Xmas we took a trip out to a place called Petworth. Petworth is a beautiful, small town in West Sussex, about 30 minutes from Horsham. A town made up of cobbled streets, antique markets and beautiful boutiques. We didn’t have much time there as we were restricted by the school pick up but there is a national trust property there which I will save for my next visit. Obviously I managed to find enough time to check all the shops out! I was so pleased with a bunch of real mistletoe I treated myself to 😘 The indoor antique Market is fantastic. If you like quirky bits for your house that add character or you just love a mooch around, looking at vintage gems it is definatly worth visiting. Some of the items we looked at I’m certain would be ten times the price on Kings Road! After We left Petworth we stopped for lunch at a lovely pub on our way home in a little place called Wisborough Green. It is a beautiful, quirky village pub set on a picturesque green. On arriving our welcome was perfectly fitting! It was like popping to your favourite aunties who you haven’t seen in years. The owner greeted us,  she was over the moon to see George (if you have kids you know how reassuring it is to know kids are welcome, Lots of pubs have an over 50’s only attitude). After seating us she went through the menu and explained that all locally their meat and seasonal veg are locally produced on nearby farms. She then offered her preference on the dishes, which I loved! We were introduced to the two family shit-tzus who wander around the pub and greet all the visiting dogs at the door. They did the perfect job of cleaning the floor around George, not that my son tends to waste any of his food! We are usually lucky if he comes away from lunch with his fingers in tact! Unfortunately, after a coffee and cake at Petworth neither of us were hungry enough to order a full lunch so we opted for a starter each. Mike went for The seafood chowder, which he thoroughly enjoyed and dispite it being a starter, hit the spot perfectly and was washed down with a recommended pint of Ale. I opted for the sticky pigs cheek with black pudding. Again,  it was absolutely delicious.  Thanks to baby number six, mine was washed down with a lemonade and lime but then someone had to drive us back 😉 George had a lovely sausage and mash, unfortunately it was so good that the dogs went hungry. All of this accompanied by a friendly banter with the owner /hostess and the impeccably mannered staff. Whether it’s a family lunch out in the country,  a dog walk followed by a drink and a bite to eat or a romantic dinner I massivly recommend this wonderful pub!

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