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Nothing prepares you for the heartache when your five year old daughter cries herself to sleep because she doesn’t want to go to school.
Why doesn’t she want to go to school?  because her friends don’t want to play with her anymore.
Libby is still massively emotional and tired from our holiday so I wrongly dismissed her feelings when she first told me.
‘play with someone else’ ‘you will be friends again tomorrow’ ‘stay away from them’
When she cried all evening and on the way to school the next morning I realised there really was something wrong.
I mentioned it to the teacher when I dropped her off.
I told the teacher that I don’t doubt it is little more than girls being girls.  The problem is, Libby has four brothers, and boys just don’t play like that.
She has never been told ‘I don’t want to be your friend’ or ‘you cant play with us’ and she doesn’t really know how to deal with it.
Her teacher was fantastic, not playing up to her to much, but reassuring her that she will help.
I know she will be fine, the girls are her friends and remembering back to when I was in primary school, girls are always falling out.
Especally as when I pick her up she skips over to me with a beaming smile, telling me what a great day she has had.
I just hope tomorrows school drop off will be better. No matter how much I tell myself she will be fine, when your baby clings to you and begs you not to leave her its hard to shake off that gut wrenching, sick feeling all day.

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