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When you have children they say you have to have eyes in the back of your head. Having said that,  when you have a baby you don’t ACTUALLY grow eyes in the back of you head. This is why I am so surprised at some of the judgmental comments surrounding the tragic incident with Harambe the Gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo. image Don’t get me wrong,  I am devastated at what has happened to such a beautiful animal. An animal that was clearly using his natural instincts to protect a baby from harm. image But how could anyone be certain the atmosphere in the enclosure wouldn’t change at any instant. I feel that the zoo had no choice but to take the action they did. But how did this happen? Every parent is guilty of turning their back for a second. Another child takes your attention or you turn to check something and in the blink of an eye the unthinkable happens. Everyone is quick to judge the parents and blame them for the death of Harambe but if we are honest,  it could of happened to any parent. I like to think my five year old daughter would listen to what I say and I could trust her to not disobey me but that would be massively naive of me. I also like to think, when I’m out with the kids I contstantly have control of them,  head counting every ten seconds But I have still had that heart stopping moment where I can’t find one of them, and in that split second every God awful sincereo goes through your mind. Am I a bad parent? What I would like to know is how a five year old managed to climb into a Gorilla enclosure in the first place? image There are alot of questions that need answering surrounding this awful event and I’ll wait to see what the official investigation says about it. Whatever the answer,  it doesn’t change the outcome.  A glorious creature was distroyed and human was responsible. image I love visiting the zoo, which makes me a massive hippocrite when I say I also feel like this incident may throw light on the debate of whether we should even have zoos. RIP HARAMBE 😢

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