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It was drummed into me as a teenager that I should never colour or cut my hair.
‘People pay a fortune for your hair colour, you should never dye it’
As I got older I began to appriciate my red hair and it is a huge part of my identity so I never really want to change it.
That being said, I got bored of it very easily! Especially when your friends are mixing it up from blonde to dark to short to long, pink and grey!

I used to always ask for similar styles, layers, bouncy blow dry and maybe a few highlight through my hair.
It never looked much different, but to be fair, every hairdresser knew I didn’t really want a big change.
I was stuck in a ‘hair rut’, not happy with the style of my hair but too scared to hand the reigns to a hairdresser to make a big change.
Three years ago, I was celebrating my brothers in Laws 40th Birthday at a local Pub.
Across the dancefloor I saw one of the most beautiful redheads I had ever seen!
As I complemented her hair over a re application of lippy in the ladies loo, she informed me she was a hairdresser.
After that declaration, I was never letting her out of my life!

Laura is a bubbly, ball of energy that oozes style and confidence.
She is effortlessly boho chic and always looks fabulous, even when she isn’t feeling it!
It is this persona that made me feel confident enough, for the first time ever, to say….’do whatever you want to my hair.’

If her aura isn’t enough to make you beg her to play with your locks, her credentials are.
She managed one of Surreys top salons for years before leaving to work freelance.
Since then she has worked everywhere. From London Fashion Week to exclusive weddings, she has styled so many celebrities from Madonna to to Binky Felstead and the Victoria Secret Models.

She has been flown by private jet to luxury yachts plotted up in the Mediterranean to style A Class celebrities and assist in shoots.

She has been creative director for an exclusive Beauty Agency in London and also is an incredible Make Up Artist.
Her passion is bridal hair and it really shows in her work. She also adores her private clients (especially me).

In typical hair stylist fashions, she is a great listener. I often find myself moaning, ranting or laughing throught my appointment.
I genuinely look forward to seeing her, not just because I know i will come out feeling like a million dollars, but because she is great company.

As a mum, it is great for me that Laura comes to my home aswell and is so patient when the kids are around.
She has completly changed my attitude towards my hair and it has given me so much confidence.

I asked Laura a couple of questions about her work.
What is your favourite thing about being a hair stylist?
My clients! I have a great relationship with all of them. I love seeing them and we love a good catch up. It’s important to me that my clients trust me and feel comfortable with me in their homes. It’s like a new friendship group.
What has been your most memorable moment whilst working?
I have lots of amazing memories, I am very fortunate to have travelled a lot for jobs so I always remember the amazing yacht trips and lovely warm evenings after work. Client wise, probably styling the Victoria Secrets models for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in Monaco.

What is your top hair tip?
Be brave! If your bored, change it. But use someone you trust. I like to make people feel better about themselves so will always offer up advice to make them feel a bit different. A change is better than a rest!
If you could style anyone’s hair, who would it be?
Well, she isn’t my typical ‘style’ of work but The Queen! Love her! Otherwise I think Marilyn Monroe would have been fun.

For more of Laura’s styles and work take a look at her stunning photos on Instagram Lalo Hair

Laura is based in Surrey but can travel depending on locations. For more information contact Lalo Hair and Make Up and mention Modern Mum
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