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CampBestival 2017

CampBestival 2017 Well, what an experience this was!!

Holiday Anxieties

Holiday Anxieties The anxiety is beginning to set in.I have never felt like I need a holiday as badly as I do now and feel blessed we have an amazing trip coming up.However,  before I can slip into my bikini, order a daiquiri and lay down by the pool, I have the slightly massive hurdle of getting there!!Two and a half weeks of beautiful Florida Sunshine….. Which means two and a half weeks worth of clothes for seven people to pack !This year the Trunkies have been shelved.  Last time Mike had to drag four trunkies through Miami Airport it nearly ended in divorce.Obviously it was my fault (even though I asked his opinion,  he did not want to offer any input into packing and our luggage arrangements).This year I have strategically bought the four older children backpacks which they have already been instructed will stay with THEM the whole

Girls weekend

Girls weekend I haven’t had a chance to write my blog the past few days. As maid of honour to my sister in law I had the utterly shit job of organising her hen do! Being asked to be maid of honour at first is an amazing feeling. I am completly flattered and feel really special… But then you realise the full extent of your new role! My bride to be wanted an Irish hen do.   She gave me a list of about 15 girls and off I went to plan it. Even though I have five children it may suprise you to know I am not the most organised of people. Anyway, I managed to put together a weekend in Dublin which we have just arrived back from. I think I did a pretty good job…. We laughed all weekend.From cocktails in an Irish 1920’s speak easy to the

Packing and Travelling with a large family

Packing and Travelling with a large family I have made packing for a large family an art form.Organising five children and a husband can be daunting especially for a big holiday.I find I get most anxious the first couple of hours of the trip,  checking in and getting through security with everyone.I have learned over the years how to keep this as easy and hassle free as possible. PackingThe kids will spend 70% of their time on holiday in their swimming costumes.Packing loads of clothes for them is totally pointless.For the boys I keep it to 3 smart shorts each for the evenings and a couple of shirts, 5 or 6 t shirts and I get them to travel in a tracksuit so that they have a hoodie or light jacket over there.  I also pack three shorts that can be worn out during the day that double up as

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