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Thanks Dave!

Have you ever tried explaining politics, terrorism or war with two nine year olds and a seven and five year old? That was my conversation on the school run yesterday morning. The kids always come into my room first thing and we watch Good Morning Britain together. On the news,  the headline was that David Cameron had said that if we leave the EU it will cause a war in Europe. On the way to school Harri asked me ‘ if there was a war,  would they bomb Warlingham? ‘ (where we live) Where do you start with that? I tried to explain why The Pm might have said that and that it probably would never happen, but the seed has been planted. Harri is such a worrier. Mikey reassured him that even if there was a war,  the kids get evacuated to the countryside so we are safe (I didn’t want to tell them 10 miles outside London doesn’t count as countryside!) I had to try and explain Brexit (even though I don’t fully understand the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ arguments myself) Harri didn’t care,  he had already decided now that we should definatly stay in the EU because otherwise there will be a war! Before I knew it I found myself babbling about total bullshit in the vain hope that they would get bored of my rambling and ask me to shut up……. They didn’t! In the end I changed the subject by pointing out a dead fox on the side of the road 😰 By 8.20 I was exhausted! This morning we are watching Peppa Pig!

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