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The moment all mums wait for

Dear George, My gorgeous baby boy. I carried you for nine months I was sick for you I gave up booze for you I missed a holiday in Vegas for you I watched Mike and other friends party while I sat on the side,  fat and uncomfortable for you After spending a year losing 3 stone, I put half back on, for you I got new stretch marks for you I went through labour for you I had piles for you I breastfed constantly for four months (bye bye boobs) for you I woke up every night to feed and settle you,  for you I’ve changed every nappy, despite its colour, stench or consistency, for you This morning,  after seven months of watching you blossom and being your absolute everything,  it happened,  your first word…….. DADDA!!!!!!!!! What a fu#king liberty!!!!! [wpvideo 0dARJIty]

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